Страницы контентаDesignПроекты в FAQFAQКатегории в FAQQuestions and answersВопросы в FAQHow have the plans been received by your neighbours? Основные параметрыПоле H1How have the plans been received by your neighbours? Контент<html />ВопросHow have the plans been received by your neighbours? Ответы автораОтвет с форматированием<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The answer is that our plans have been fully supported by our neighbours! Joy Grimshaw, director of the women&rsquo;s only club, The Bridge at 81 Southwark Street, endorses the design, and looks forward to Gagarin female actors and staff enjoying the treatments, meeting rooms, caf&eacute; and gym on offer to women (<a href="http://www.thebridge-uk.org">www.thebridge-uk.org</a>).</p> <p>Jilly Forster and Rob Lamond, CEO and Director, respectively, of Forster Communications at 49 Southwark Street have welcomed the prospect of the West End coming back to Southwark, They already are welcome diners and show goers at the Menier Restaurant and Theatre.</p> <p>The renowned developer and CEO of Manhattan Loft Corporation, Harry Handelsman, has voiced his appreciation of the design&rsquo;s architectural merits and has expressed interest in the development of the plans.</p> <p>Network Rail have recently linked their modernization of arches to the Gagarin Square project (see photo of plan) . With Southwark Council&rsquo;s strategic and financial involvement, Flat Iron Square will become a truly welcoming and dynamic entrance into the neighbourhood north of the rail viaduct.</p>