Perfecting the Facade

The time has come to announce the final decision about the facade of Gagarin Square facing Southwark Street.

And we are ready to publish the choice of our architects and investors about the facade decorations of Gagarin Square.

Among the newest materials real works of art will be to be found on the Southwark facade of the building.

The Art Academy and the new Menier Restaurant located in the Gagarin Square will be framed by works of Gilbert Ledward.

Gilbert Ledward (1888-1960) was a well known English sculptor, author of many reliefs, the most successful war artist, professor at Royal College of Art, Royal Academician, Officer of the Order of the British Empire. His most famous works are "Awakening" (to be seen in a garden on the Chelsea Embankment); war memorials after the Great War of 1914 to 1918, memorial on Horse Guards Parade, Westminster; bronze statues of King George V in Uganda and Kenya, and of King George VI in Hong Kong and others; fountain in Sloan Square, and others.

The chosen for Gagarin Square stone frieze with the title Vision and Imagination was created for Barclays Bank in Old Broad Street, City of London. When the bank building was demolished in 1995, the frieze was saved from destruction by the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association.

Since 1995 no reason or decent place has been found to put the Vision and Imagination by Gilbert Ledward, until recently when the architects of the Gagarin Square paid attention to its artistic value and decided to make it a part of the Gagarin Square.

Other options of decorating the facade were: sculpture of contemporary Russian and British artists, and modern metal-and-glass facade ornament.

The choice has been made for the work of Ledward to emphasize the artistic role of the Gagarin Square: not only inside will it become an artistic centre of the area, but also the facades will be artistically valuable.