Страницы контентаOpinionsФотоальбомSupporters sayФотографияNikita YaveinОсновные параметрыПоле H1Nikita YaveinСвойства фотографииФотография/images/cms/data/opinions/critics_say/ava4.jpgКритикИмяNikita YaveinДолжностьarchitect, head of the architectural company “Studio 44”Высказывание"We didn’t want to make any stylization, but the opportunity to interprete the traditional planning systems and decor elements from the contemporary viewpoint seemed very challenging to us, especially in such a diverse city as London. Of course, it is just a primary concept of the complex, its shape can be still changed many times, but we think we have managed to match the atmosphere of this place – modern and forward-looking, exaggeratedly theatrical, and at the same time ironic and open for a dialogue and social interaction".