Planning application submission


British planning documentation for a major project such as Gagarin Square can run to several hundred pages. London’s planning regulations require not only the detail drawings but also submissions with respect to access, transportation, air quality, noise, archaeology and history, recycling and environmental impacts, flood risk, sewage disposal and historic London views towards St Paul’s Cathedral.

Front elevation enhancement


We have made the frontage more dramatic. (In 2011 the original Russian inspired design for the Southwark Street frontage was released).

Roman level investigation


With the agreement from Southwark’s Chief archaeologist, a deeper examination on the site, down to 5 metres was made within two deep trenches. To assist future piling, some 200 more tonnes of former concrete foundation were removed.

Preliminary site investigations


Under the control of ABS Consultants the ground works contractors, P Colohan & Co Ltd, commenced preliminary site investigations within the first meter of the surface to identify and remove any obstacles to the piling grid.

The Meeting


We attended the meeting of the planners to discuss adoption of the Thrale Street Conservation Area.

Meeting with Southwark Regeneration


Today Dan Taylor, Senior Regeneration Officer at Southwark Council, paid a visit to hear about the developments to the Gagarin Square plans.

The Bankside Neighbourhood Plan


A Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council Meeting was held at the Walworth Academy with proposals for the Thrale Street Conservation area plan on the agenda.

Thrale Street Conservation Area


This month, we submitted an 8-page suggested review of the bounds of the Thrale Street Conservation Area to a Senior Design and Conservation Officer at Southwark Council. 

Investigation of ground conditions completed


Geotechnics Ltd from Coventry, well-known ground investigation specialists, have completed five trial boreholes to investigate ground conditions under the site of the proposed Gagarin Square.

Better Bankside Presentation


On the 21st of September 2011 the Gagarin Square project was presented at the regular meeting of the logistics group of the Better Bankside, the most important Improvement Districts Organization of the South of London.

Support from the Leader of Southwark Council


Councillor Peter John, Leader of Southwark Council, expressed his personal and heartfelt support of the Gagarin Square project. 

Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment


In May 2011, a meeting was held with  CABE to present the plans for Gagarin Square.

The Shard


We presented the Gagarin Square plans to our neighbours at The Shard in their offices at Fielden House, 28 London Bridge Street.

Gagarin Square project announced


In March 2011 the British and Russian Mass-Media were informed of the plans of the Russian investors to build Gagarin Square in London.

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