Investigation of ground conditions completed

Geotechnics Ltd from Coventry, well-known ground investigation specialists, have completed five trial boreholes to investigate ground conditions under the site of the proposed Gagarin Square.

This site investigation work took ten days.

The trial boreholes to a depth of 40 metres are necessary to establish:

- the depth of made up ground usually from pre Roman through medieval times to the present day (about 5m depth);
- the depth of gravel and shingle deposited when the Thames here was running through a broad flood plain (from 5m to 10m depth);
- the depth and density of the London clay (from a depth of 10m to more than 40m).

Detailed analysis of material from these 150mm diameter boreholes will enable engineers to design the foundations which will include perimeter piling and the future grid of piles to carry the loading of the buildings above, down through the basement floor.

Following the design of the peripheral piles, the ground can be excavated and an essential prerequisite of planning approval be implemented. Namely that an archeological investigation be carried out at the site.

The ground investigation was at the behest of Flint & Neill Ltd who have been chosen to be the civil engineers for the structure design of Gagarin Square.