Gagarin Square project announced

In March 2011 the British and Russian Mass-Media were informed of the plans of the Russian investors to build Gagarin Square in London.

Russian architect Studio 44 and its leader famous Russian architect Nikita Yavein drew up designs for a rocket-shaped building in Southwark, London. The shape of the building imitates the spaceship of the world’s first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Gagarin Square will sit on a site next to the Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre on Southwark Street. Inside the complex will contain Art Academy, residential and office space and two museums dedicated to Britain and Russia№s national drinks - tea and vodka.

The building will also contain a 350-seat second Menier theatre and huge exhibition space for contemporary art.

The facades of the Square have been designed to reflect the Red Porch of the Palace of Facets at the Kremlin in Moscow.