The Bankside Neighbourhood Plan

A Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council Meeting was held at the Walworth Academy with proposals for the Thrale Street Conservation area plan on the agenda. 6 hours later  the discussion of Thrale Street Conservation Area was not reached and it has now been scheduled for Tuesday, 26th February. Hence the idea of an architectural competition within it, suggested by Studio 44 was not discussed. However the Cathedral Ward Councillors led by Adele Morris took advantage of several breaks to hold an impromptu discussion of the proposed development with six of our picture boards, brought to the meeting by our English liaison architect Jonathan Dransfield, acting as a setting. Councillor Juliet Seymour highlighted progress on the Bankside Neighbourhood Plan (, the bottoms-up approach for Bankside including the Gagarin site,  whereby  a board of 21 local residents and businesses put together a  development plan for voting on. This concept is truly Hayekian , and puts  Gagarin Square into the local agenda arena.
If the site was to be considered essential for a ground level  Morrison’s supermarket then the theatre would have to be transfigured into 4 levels of parking.

Despite a four hour meeting attended by our architects, no time was allotted to discuss our proposal to amend the Thrale street conservation area to exclude post war very !970s office buildings adjacent to our site and our development site itself. We owners had agreed that if these sites were free of conservation area blight we would open up this important corner of Bankside to an open architectural competition. The sites being “City Bridge House” (57 Southwark Street), “The Bridge” (81 Southwark Bridge Road), “Lambert House” (55 Southwark Street) and  the Gagarin former Willcox Engineering site at 53A Southwark Street.